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Images of Drosophila tissues and cells

The amazing images below were taken and prepared by Andy Li, a PhD student from the lab. 

Drosophila ovary 256 images stacked Andy Li RMS competition winner.png

Drosophila ovaries, winner of the 2021 Royal Micoscropical Society Image Competition

Image 3 Photo Competition.png

Mirrored image of Drosophila testis, Winner of 2019 Gurdon Image Competition, Front cover of Gurdon Insitute 2019 perspectus

D mel egg chamber 191 stack.jpg
elf shoes.png

Drosophila egg chambers of stage 5-6 (left) and stage 10 (right)

Image 1 Photo Competition.png

Mirrored images of Scaptodrosophila lebenese testis  

Picture 1.png

Drosophila muscle cells: nucleus & mitochondrial network, as part of the Gurdon Letterbox public engagement project

bam gal4 sqhmitoYFP alphatubulin647.lif_Image009.jpg

Drosophila muscle cells: nucleus, cytoskeleton & mitochondrial network

pseudoobscura DAPI 72 stack projection18.png

Drosphila testis, sperm bundles

pseudoobscura 6.png

Drosophila head made of images of testis

TileScan 002_TileScan_001_Merging.jpg

Drosophila 3rd instar larva with green mitochondria

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