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Some Publications

Chiang A C-Y, Ježek J, Mu P, Di Y, Klucnika A, Jaburek M, Jezek P & Ma H. Two mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms modulate cardiolipin binding and lead to synthetic lethality, Nat Commun 15, 611, 2024

Li AYZ*, Di Y*, Rathore S*, Chiang A C-Y, Ježek J & Ma H. Milton assembles large mitochondrial clusters, mitoballs, to sustain spermatogenesis, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 120, 34: e2306073120, 2023    *equal contribution.

Klucnika A, Mu P, Jezek J, McCormack M, Di Y, Bradshaw CR, Ma H. REC drives recombination to repair double-strand breaks in animal mtDNA, Journal of Cell Biology, 222 (1): e202201137, 2022

van den Ameele J, Li AYZ, Ma H, Chinnery P. Mitochondrial heteroplasmy beyond the oocyte bottleneck, Stem Cell Dev Biol, 97: 156-166, 2020

Chiang A C-Y, McCartney E, O’Farrell PH, Ma H. A Genome-wide screen reveals that reducing mitochondrial DNA polymerase can promote elimination of deleterious mitochondrial mutations, Curr Biol, 29 (24): 4330-36, 2019

Klucnika A, Ma H. Mapping and manipulating animal mitochondrial genome: can we overcome the challenges? Philos Trans Royal Soc B, 2019, DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2019.0187

Klucnika A, Ma H. A battle for transmission: the selfish and corporative animal mitochondrial genomes, Open Biol, 9: 180267, 2019

Ma H & O’Farrell PH. Selfish drive can trump function when animal mitochondrial genomes compete, Nat Genet, 2016, 48: 798-802, 2016

Ma H & O’Farrell PH. Selections that isolate recombinant mitochondrial genomes in animals, eLife, 4: e07247, 2015

Ma H, Xu H, O’Farrell PH. Transmission of mitochondrial mutations and action of purifying selection in Drosophila melanogaster, Nat Genet, 46 (4): 393-397, 2014

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